s o r r y

maaf ya.
maaf ya.
maaf ya.
it used to be so easy to say
and was said just for formality
but now it's so much more heavier
it goes with the bad and sorry feelings,
regret/ remorse/ repentance,
it's so heavy that i feel like crushed inside each time i say it.
i do know i was wrong. i do need to say this word.
but i also do need some mercy.

we all made mistakes
and we suppose to have another chance to make it right again
or to get some trust again.

please try trusting me again,
even though i know it won't be that easy.

i'm sorry and i hope i could be better from now,
i hope i could learn even more from this,
i hope i could get some supports.

but for now, i really am sorry.

screw the bad english

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