it's so hard to change.

i just don't get it, how people change that easy. they got into a new area, a new living space, and they suddenly adapt TOO MUCH and they even becoming someone else. they changed THAT easy. i don't understand how people could easily 'synchronize' themselves with new people around them as they like. i do want to change so bad. well, i want to change to be a better girl. i like the way people treat me, i thank them all. but i don't think they actually understand or know the 'me' inside me that they never see before. it's very hard to change to be better. it's so friggin hard to release bad habits, sins, etc. i DO want to change. it's just i haven't found the way to go to the changing process. it's so damn hard. yet, i have to try and try again and again.
i should never get tired of it. i must be better :|

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